3 Family-Friendly Yoga Resources

{3 Family Friendly Yoga Resources} So cute. Great video suggestion...Do you have a little yogi on your hands? Does your son burst into the tree pose when having a snack? Too cute. Does your daughter crawl under your downward dog?

Yesterday we chatted honestly about how sometimes doing yoga at home with children underfoot can be more stressful than relaxing. Check out this simple approach that allows you a full adult yoga session, but ensures your kiddo is happy too. The reward for their good behavior? Hugs and YOGA with mom of course!

Below find three of our favorite
family-friendly yoga resources.

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga
Doing a Cosmic Kids Yoga video with the girls has become a favorite. You can find six free sample videos from the series free on YouTube. I particularly like this series because:

  • The woman leading the sessions tells an engaging story. Your child will eagerly act out the storyline and participate.
  • Each session is approximately fifteen minutes. Not too short, not too long.
  • The series also focuses on core yoga building blocks: starting & ending with namaste, the sun series, and a short relaxation at the end of the session.

I was originally turned off by the  vibrant the background, but was won over.
In honor of the arrival of spring we’ve been watching this one a lot recently.

*Brownie points to the first person to correctly answer in the comments
why this particular video is MY absolute favorite in the series.

Click here to see all of the  Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on YouTube. You can also find them on Amazon if you prefer not to watch them on your computer.

My Daddy is a Pretzel2. Yoga for Kids Series at Playful Learning
We adore the unique series Yoga for Kids over at Playful Learning. Each month Monique Barker shares some yoga poses that you can do with your children. In this session she ties poses in with a story about spring. Click here to see a Valentine’s edition!

3. My Daddy is a Pretzel
If you are interested in slowing things down with a book, we enjoy My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste. The book description explains you can, “Twist your way into this story that introduces both yoga and professions. The nine yoga poses show how the practice of yoga relates to everyday life, and encourages readers to stretch both their bodies and their minds. There are tips about practice and preparation, yoga life, and having the right attitude.”

We are always looking to expand our kid yoga library of books and videos. Do you have any additional suggestions? Let’s chat in the comments!

Namaste friends,

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Image Credit: Thank you to Emma Freeman for sharing this beautiful creative commons photo. See more of Emma’s portraits here.

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  1. Cathy @ NurtureStore says

    Haha! Thanks for the links Queen Bee. I’ve been looking for some great online yoga for my girls.

  2. says

    We also love the My Daddy is a Pretzel yoga card deck – so easy to take with us and fun to flip through for the kids. We haven’t seen the Cosmic Yoga videos yet – need to view those.

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