5 Ways Take Sidewalk Chalk to the Next Level

Chalk Play | Let's Lasso the Moon

It started out sweet and innocent. The girls discovered that if you get your hands wet and rub them into a chalk drawings you can make hand prints.

Chalk Play | Let's Lasso the Moon

The next time I returned I found two little blue aliens. My first instinct? To yell. Luckily, my second instinct (to laugh) took over. I got my camera and asked the girls to give you a few “crazy poses.”

Chalk Play | Let's Lasso the Moon

Chalk Play | Let's Lasso the MoonI asked myself these simple questions from A Lifetime of Yes Moments:

  • Will saying “yes” to this situation hurt or bother anyone? No!
  • Can the child learn anything from the situation?
    Yes, what a great science experiment!
  • Does it really (really) matter one way or another? Nope!

Kids + (Chalk + Water) = Fun

Below are 5 more ways to play and take sidewalk chalk to the next level:

  1. Chalk Dress-Up Dolls :: Iowa Farmer’s Wife
  2. Angry Birds Inspired Water Balloon Game :: No Time for Flashcards
  3. Chalk Treasure Hunt :: Nurture Store
  4. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint :: Kids*Stuff*World
  5. Printable Chalk Star Stencils (for the 4th!) :: Inner Child Fun

Happy Summer Friends!

P.S. Find more everyday kids ideas here on Pinterest.

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5 Ways Take Sidewalk Chalk to the Next Level *love #2


  1. Kellibwilson says

    My boys did the same thing a few weeks ago. My back patio still has a rainbow of chalk all over it:)

  2. Honeybeebooks says

    Your aliens are adorable! It’s hard to say yes sometimes. I have to remind myself sometimes that mess is OK and it’s also OK if I get messy too! Much more fun that way. I can’t wait until it is a little warmer her in Australia so we can take the mess outside more often!

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