Brownie & Pearl ROCK!

Brownie & Pearl

We are smitten with Brownie & Pearl. This dynamic duo cracks me up time and time again. Take a moment to check out this new series by Cynthia Rylant.This description of the kid’s collection hits the nail on the head:

With their simple stories, bold, graphic illustrations, and pitch-perfect moments of humor, the books in Cynthia Rylant’s acclaimed Brownie & Pearl series are a wonderful choice for babies, emerging readers, and everyone in between!

Brownie & Pearl Step OutWe’ve been reading the Henry & Mudge series to the girls for years. We knew at a glance this collection would also be stellar. We recently horded *every* single flippin’ Brownie & Pearl book our local library owns.

I was thrilled to introduced this great set of book to the two new readers in our house. The illustrations are lovely, hilarious, adorable… perfect. The words are phonically easy for new readers. The story are entertaining for parents and children alike. This is the girls’ favorite book in the series so far:

Brownie & Pearl Step Out
Meet Brownie, a little girl with a flair for the frou-frou, and Pearl, her feisty feline sidekick! They’re heading out on the town for a birthday party, and the celebration is certain to be filled with friends and presents and games and treats. But when Brownie feels shy about ringing the doorbell, will Pearl be able to revive her stepping-out spirit?

Below is a short video of our girls enoying reading the second half of Brownie & Pearl Step Out.
You can check out the first half of the book in this online preview. Pearl has just stepped into the party:

If you check out the series let me know which of the books your child likes the best.

Do you already have a favorite Cynthia Rylant book? With such an accomplished writer we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg at our house. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Let’s chat in the comments.

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