5 Minutes to Find Peace in the Chaos

5 Minute Meditation | Let's Lasso the Moon
Do you ever feel like your mind is spinning its wheels?
Are you keeping track of your entire family’s schedule on top of your own? Does work follow you home and invade your mind while you are reading to your child before bed? Do you find yourself forgetting important details because you are attempting to retain all the small details? {urg} Me too.

My mind runs non-stop. Last summer my brain even startedย running marathons while I slept; this is when I realized things had to change. A doctor at the sleep disorder center recommended I attempt meditation during the day to help me sleep better at night.

The thing is… if you can learn to control your mind and its movement you get a lot more than peaceful sleep: it helps you retain details, it helps you stop work thoughts from invading your private moments, it even helps you keep your cool at 8:45pm when your child demands they need that 34th cup of water before bed.

Sounds simple right?

I double-dog-dare you to try this
5 minute meditation

Wasn’t it challenging? It takes practice, but the benefits are wonderful (especially for parents). If you’d like a free audio copy of the Diana Winston meditation above, UCLA offers her entire series for free on iTunes. Now the real trick is to find five minutes in the day just for you. Trust me, you deserve it. Find it.

Do you already meditate? I’d love to hear any additional suggestions you have below. Do you have a favorite time of day? A special spot in the house? How long have you been practicing? How do you make it a part of your everyday life? Do you involve your children? Let’s chat in the comments.


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Photo Credit: Thanks to Darin Moran for the creative commons use of the adorable photo above!



  1. amy (mamascout) says

    I need to do this more. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I am done for – it is like my mind is an interstate for ideas and thoughts. Wonderful ideas – but not from 2-5 in the morning!

  2. Gale says

    Thank you for this! I found you on Pinterest and as the mother of an almost 2 yr old I hadn’t meditated in a LONG time… I really needed the reminder to take this time for myself!

    • Zina says

      Gale, I have fallen out of practice too and this 5 minutes audio is on my iPhone. It is a great way to ease back in. I hope you will find the time again!

  3. Mom of Zaid and Zubair says

    Hi, I am a first time mom of 4 yr old twin boys and I follow a meditation procedure called ‘salah’, we do it every day 356 days of a year. We do it a minimum of 5 times a day, ranging for a duration of 5 to 15 minutes depending on your conversation with God, even the timing varies uniformly throughout the seasons and months, but there is one common thing we ask everytime, we ask for guidance , humbling ourselves before the Most Knowledgeable Creator of this Universe, guidance to do good and be just to others……there’s more to this Spiritual Healing that words cant describe…my kids see me doing it, try to participate too, but frankly when they get demanding I find it hard to squeeze out time…to stand still and not answer their queries…but they r used to it now and respect my time alone…..oh yes and I do sleep peacefully…..

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