Walking on Egg Shells + More!


Do you remember that tingling feeling in your heart when you were a kid and you pulled an “A” on a spelling test or did an awesome art project at school? That… YES! This is fridge worthy feeling? The pride you felt as your mom took the magnet and posted your work for the whole world to see… up on the fridge? Well this week we are sharing our favorite finds from The Weekly Kid’s Co-op Collection. Our favorite fridge worthy posts! Check them out below…



Walking on Egg Shells

“This week’s experiment was walking on eggs. I repeat, WALKING ON EGGS. How cool is that? Since my kids are only 6 and 3, instead of walking we settled for what would happen if we stood on eggs. Along with teaching them about the scientific theory, it was just loads of fun. I would highly recommend having someone help you if you are doing this with more than one child, have a towel under the eggs, and a sink nearby in case of egg breakage.” Full Post by Alex Nguyen

Let’s Lasso the Moon Note: I absolutely love that you can see a smile behind that chalkboard. Having the children write an hypothesis? Stellar! The whole blog post is great, as is Alex’s advice to sign up for Steve Spangler’s Experiment of the Week newsletter. 

Walking on Egg Shells *awesome kids science experiment

Click through for full directions and to see what happens when you step on a single egg. *Love it.


Foil Drawings

“It was simply too cool not to try out, and the great directions ensured everything worked out well. The end result reminds me of the old tin ceiling tiles which were popular in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s, during the Victorian era.” Full Post by ArtClubBlog

Aluminum Foil Drawings *awesome kids art project

Aluminum Foil Drawings *awesome kids art project

Let’s Lasso the Moon Notes: These are amazing.

Click through for full directions.


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