Popcorn for Dinner

Yes, popcorn. Yeah, for dinner. Tell your kids “Popcorn for dinner” and you instantly become the best parent in the world or maybe worst parent in the world.  Our family has popcorn for dinner every Friday to celebrate movie night.  The idea for the weekly menu item came from church acquaintance who listed the tradition as one of the highlights of her youth.

Tell your fellow parent you are giving your kids popcorn for dinner and you get an immediate tsk tsk face. While I like to imagine myself as a rule breaker I openly admit our popcorn dinner comes with a round of appetizers before hand: grapes, blueberries, carrots, pecans, bananas, broccoli, etc.  You’d be amazed what children will eat if you promise them popcorn for dinner.

Simple Recipes offers the most delicious Perfect Popcorn Recipe.  My partner in crime over at PeanutBlossom.com concurs; it truly is wonderful.  We usually make a batch of this on the stove, as well as a second batch in the air popper.  As directed we use butter & salt on the oil popped corn, then olive oil cooking spray & White Cheddar Seasoning on the air popped corn. Once both batches are prepped stir together to enjoy!

Photo by Thomas Life

Take a chance next weekend at your house.  Yell out “Popcorn for dinner!” and let me know what happens.

Happy Popping!

PS:  I am always excited to see other parents who condone this awesome idea too, popcorn, it’s what’s for supper.

popcorn party

Photo by Tiffany Dahle



    • Zina says

      I *loved* the first Kung-Fu Panda. It made me giggle. We have had a hard time with choosing movies. My ladies are so sensitive! I hope you wow Nicky with “popcorn for dinner”! Perfect side dishes include: carrots & dip, apples, bananas, etc. {winks} Thanks for the comment Moira. Always good to hear from people!!!

  1. KariVCG says

    My daughter and I share air popped popcorn at least once a week! We LOVE it! Sometimes we’ll put spray butter on the air popped then sprinkle with the White Cheddar. Very Yummy. I really like this idea. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says

      Making it tradition on a specific day of the week really makes it memorable & exciting for our girls. The funny thing is… if your child is not used to over salted/buttered microwave popcorn you can actually make the air pop fairly healthy (in comparison)!

  2. says

    We do the same thing, not as often, but it’s a family favorite! We LOVE our Whirley Pop! We usually pair it up with smoothies to get our fruits in! :)

  3. JulieK says

    This idea is super fun, and we do love popcorn. but do you ever find the kids are hungry for something else? Just curious! :) I’d love to do this too maybe not weekly but perhaps monthly?

  4. says

    I’m interested in hearing if you’re still doing this, and, like JulieK, I wonder if your kids were hungry soon after? I feel like popcorn (even with appetizers of fruit and nuts) would leave them begging for a bedtime snack before long.

  5. Christie says

    We do this, too, something that started when we were missionaries in Nigeria and I wanted a no cook day b/c it’s so labor intensive there. Still do it regularly and often pair it with smoothies to round it out. I like the idea of other snacks before, though. And it definitely ups us on the cool parents factor. ;) We know several other people who do this, too – a pastor who has a big Sunday lunch has been having popcorn for Sunday dinner for over 30 years, and several friends in Nigeria who have moved back here do it with apples and cheese, a carry over from our days there. Fun!

  6. Sandra says

    I can’t wait to try this with my kids! Nothing like popcorn to go with an adorable movie like the human centipede!

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