Fairy Garden

This summer my daughters and I received a wonderful “How to Make a Fairy Garden” book in the mail from my dear friend Kerry. She and her two older daughters recently created a fairy garden in their unused sandbox. Our package came with a seed packet, two adorable fairies, and this beautifully hand illustrated instruction book.

We didn’t have room in our budget to buy new dirt or add anything fancy to our garden. I scavenged around our house, garage and yard and was shocked by how many wonderful items we found. I got the girls settled with a container of dirt and then literally walked away to do other yard chores. My five and six year old worked on their garden for two hours without adult assistance. They had a wonderful time and are very proud of their personal fairy garden.

With a little imagination and a cheap packet of seeds you too can enjoy a fairy garden in your yard. Your child’s eyes will light up with excitement!

Fairy Garden How to Make a Fairy Garden

You don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful fairy garden.  Something as simple as a bucket will do.
Add a bottom layer of rocks and sand to whatever container you pick to ensure your seeds have proper drainage.

Collect random items from around the house, yard and garage:
stones, old pots, feathers, sea shells, an old Frisbee, pieces of wood, glass jars, etc.

Give the child free range to decorate as he or she chooses.  It may be challenging not to direct, literally walk away.

You’ll be amazed what they come up with!

Perhaps they will add a pool with a diving board.

Or perhaps you’ll find tiny, unique, hidden treasures.

With a little bit of water and a lot of love you’ll definitely find happy fairies.

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  1. Heidi Peters
    August 29, 2011

    My favorite piece of advice:
    It may be challenging not to direct, literally walk away.

    That’s my goal this year: giving my girls free range to decorate as they choose.
    Thanks for photos of this great project!

    • Zina
      August 29, 2011

      Before I was a parent I took a Tiny-Picasso art class with my niece. I remember being literally floored as I watched the parents basically do their four-year-old child’s art project. Now as a parent myself I too feel that urge to direct: use this color, why don’t you, be sure to, etc. I think back to that class and I know I want to give them free range with projects of all types, but it is challenging. I really do think the best thing to do is set them up with everything they need and literally walk away. It is always amazing to see where THEIR mind takes them.

  2. настя
    March 21, 2013

    потрясающая идея и замечательное исполнение!
    great idea and great execution!!


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