7 Ways to Bring Art Into Your Everyday Life

This creative collection of ideas for Capturing Childhood are brought to you by Melissa & Doug and Shutterfly.

7 Ways to Bring Art Into Your Everyday Life

{Capturing Childhood} Tips & tricks for everyday parents *Great collection of ideasDo you have non-stop stream of artwork flowing through your home? My ladies love to paint, we’ve got random doodles from around the house, and then there are the projects coming in from school. We are drowning in art projects!

What’s the best way to reduce the clutter
and still showcase their work?

Keep your kids involved in reducing the clutter. Having a primary place to display art in your home helps limit how much can be showcased.

Need inspiration? Pop on over to Melissa & Doug’s Playtime Press for
7 Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Home.

When your child creates a new piece of art, ask which project they’d like to take down from the fridge (or gallery display). Then offer the option to save or recycle the project. We have a large waterproof storage bin filled with must-save work.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing ways to Capture Childhood from behind the lens of a camera. We need to remind ourselves that the artwork of childhood is fleeting. The primary goal of Capturing Childhood is to embrace and document the ordinary.

Below you’ll find tips on photographing your child’s art, as well as, seven ways to creatively showcase your little one’s masterpieces:

7 Ways to Bring Art Into Your Everyday Life *love this canvas printThere are the traditional photo projects…

1. A custom art calendar is simple to put together and also an easy slam-dunk for grandparents. Gather a collection of art projects and create a unique gift for Grandma on Mother’s Day this year.

2. An art travel mug is an easy way to bring a smile to the start of the day. Nothing is sweeter than seeing the girls’ father drinking coffee from a cup wrapped in their art work.

And there are new unique ways to play…

3. All you need is love. Shutterfly offers a variety of templates for canvas prints, but this particular design caught my attention. So much of my girls’ artwork is about LOVE. It was the perfect fit. Check out the canvas template here. I simply added in a few of the girls’ paintings and update the text to a lovely Picasso quote.

4. Give yourself a gift. Use your child’s artwork to create a custom case for your iPhone or Galaxy. The design options over at Shutterfly are adorable. I started out creating a collage case, but then ended up picking a design that featured a single piece. As I worked on the collage, I continually found myself drawn to this sweet rainbow watercolor. Lately, I’ve been distracted by mobile technology. I find myself tooling around Facebook or Pinterest instead of focusing on a conversation with my daughter. The primary goal of Capturing Childhood is to embrace the beauty of ordinary moments. My custom Shutterfly case is a daily reminder to connect with my daughter, rather than my phone.

Daily Mindfulness: When the phone rings... pause, breathe, smile. *Great article
5. Create a rotating framed gallery. When you photograph art, it allows you to display large projects in traditional 8 x 10 frames. Our family has a stairway gallery using Change of Art frames and we are constantly updating the displayed prints.

6. Wrap family up in love. I admit, the first time I saw a photo blanket I laughed. I am not personally a fan of blowing up a child’s portrait onto fleece and throwing it on a family room couch. However, I am smitten with the collage options Shutterfly offers. I am currently working on collecting six heart paintings from the girls’ collection of artwork to create a special blanket for family movie night. Each Saturday we eat popcorn for dinner and snuggle together while watching a movie. I can’t wait to finalize this project and get it ordered!

How do you get great shots of your kid’s art work to make all of these creative projects?
Use the photography tips below for the best results:

  • Shoot the photos in NATURAL light during the day.
  • Find a window and take your photos in the SHADE, right next to the direct sunlight.
  • Pull out the easel paper roll and use it as a background. This will make it easy to crop the art images on your computer.

Tips for photographing your child's art work... *Great post

The best part about taking photos of your child’s work? The images will be on your computer.

7. My favorite frugal way to bring art back into everyday life is to have your computer screen uses your photo library as a screensaver! If you’re computer is tucked away outside of your primary living space, a digital picture frame is a fun alternative.

What is YOUR favorite way to showcase your child’s art? Let’s chat in the comments.


Bonus tip: Look for opportunities to make art FUNCTIONAL. For example, our kids often get invited to birthday parties at You-Paint-It clay studios. We have one rule when it comes to Clay Corner: you have to paint something utilitarian. We have so many gorgeous plates, mugs, and bowls that we ENJOY on a daily basis. Melissa & Doug offers some functional art projects, too.

These two decorate-your-own projects are on my radar for this year’s Easter basket:

Adorable decorate your own projects from Melissa & Doug *Perfect candy alternative for Easter

Decorate-Your-Own Petite Purse | Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Jet Plane | Full Project Collection

**Stay tuned every Thursday through March, when The Playtime Press will give you the inside scoop from three top-rated blogger moms on their favorite photography tips & tricks for capturing childhood.

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Kid Art: Tips for creative upcylcing + decluttering *great list of unique ways to display art in your home

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  1. Plain Vanilla Mom says

    I love the calendar idea and the custom canvas. Thanks for the inspiration. I take pictures of the kids artwork but I never thought to use it this way. Perfect!

  2. Kristen @ Art History Mom says

    Thank you for the inspiration, Zina. I especially like the way you use the rainbow image on your iPhone cover as a reminder that spending time with your daughter takes precedence over spending time on technology. That’s an important reminder for me, too!

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