Involve Your Kids in Trip Planning


Today I am over at Melissa & Doug sharing 3-Steps to Ensure Your Don’t Need a Vacation FROM Vacation.  One way to ensure your trip is stress free is to involve your children in planning the adventure. A family meeting is the perfect opportunity to empower your children by letting them be involved in vacation decision making.

3-Steps to Ensure Your Don't Need a Vacation FROM VacationDon’t panic. I am not suggesting you give your child free reign. I recommend following the Love & Logic approach in this scenario; offer your child choices you’ve already approved.

Below are a three tips to ensure your family meeting
about vacation-planning is successful:

  • Do your research first — Attend your family meeting prepared to show your children activities, destinations, and choices that you’ve already reviewed. Come to the meeting with circled activities in brochures and websites already loaded on your computer.
  • Avoid using the word “no”—  If your child comes up with an alternative activity, try to be positive. Buy yourself time by simply ending your discussion with, “We’ll have to research that option a little more.” If, however, the suggestion clearly isn’t appropriate, let your child know (using as few words as possible) and then ask, “Would you rather do [Option A] or [Option B]?”
  • Use yourself as an example — Say things like, “I really was hoping to do [Option X], but it’s a bit too pricey for our budget. So, instead I’m choosing between [Option Y] and [Option Z] for my must-have activity.”

Not sure if these tips will work with your family? Let’s chat. Explain your hesitations below in the comments, and we’ll brainstorm solutions together.

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Thank you to Robert S. Donovan for sharing these amazing photos under Creative Commons. Sometimes I am just floored by people who generously share their work with us. Love his work too? Pop on over to his SmugMug page to purchase prints. He has a gorgeous collection.

Pin suitcase image by Katsuhito Nojiri of Sydney Treasures Photography via Flickr Creative Commons.

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