How to Enjoy Kid-Free Yoga

{How-to Enjoy Kid-Free Yoga} Great tip that allows you a full adult yoga session, but ensures your kiddo is happy too...
Being a Modern Mom is challenging. Many women hold a lot of tension from the day in their shoulders. Attending a weekly yoga class is a nice way to relieve the build-up. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or resources to be able to get out of the house.

Doing yoga at home with children underfoot can sometimes be more stressful than relaxing.

Below is an approach that allows you a full adult yoga session,
but ensures your kiddo is happy, too.

How to Enjoy Kid-Free Yoga

  • Tell your child, “Mom is going to do her adult-yoga for 30 minutes. I am happy to do kid-yoga afterward with children who are quiet and don’t interrupt.”
  • Provide a few ideas to keep your child entertained: set her up with markers and paper, set-up a few puzzles, put on an educational TV show for him, hook her up with an iPad and headphones, etc.
  • If your children interrupt your yoga session, take a deep breath, smile, and help them with whatever they need. Return to your mat and continue where you left off. When they come to you after your session say, “Oh that’s so sad, you interrupted. Don’t worry, we’ll try again tomorrow.” The key is to be truly empathetic when they get upset. I find repeating the same statement over and over again is helpful in defusing the situation, “Oh, you’re sad. Don’t worry honey, we’ll try again tomorrow.” A good old fashion bear hug also never hurts.
  • If your child allows you to complete your entire yoga session without interruption thank him for being such a good helper. Remind her that moms need breaks to recharge too. Be sure to be enthusiastic about doing kid yoga with your child after as a reward.

Looking for some great kid yoga resources? Here are a few of our family favorites.

Namaste friends,

*This post is dedicated to Jeff. Thank you for providing me this solution. It has worked like a charm at our house.

Image Credit: Thank you Autumn for sharing this adorable photo under creative commons.

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