Annual Family Tradition: Campfire Roasted Peeps!

Annual Family Tradition: Campfire Roasted Peeps! *so trying this!

Peep, Peep, Peep.

Don’t munch down all those Easter Peeps. A little bird, aka Colleen over at Flee Fly Flown, told me that …

Stale Peeps make a tasty roasted treat around a summer campfire.

I am saving a row for our summer camping adventures!

Have you tried this before?
Share your opinion below.




Past Pin Photo Credit: Thanks to AZAdam for sharing his photos under creative commons!


  1. Jenae Briggs says

    I tried making a s’more with peeps once and the peep melted into a blob and fell off of the stick. I caught it with my other hand – but it hardened and created a horrible blister. I actually wouldn’t recommend trying this idea.

  2. ASBowen says

    I have done this – it is a bad idea. They do not melt like marshmallows. I would not recommend this at all!

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