Portrait of a Little Indigo Introvert

Meet my little indigo introvert Rose.  This is my favorite “portrait” of her from the summer because it showcases her true personality.  She is enjoying a silent moment to herself while the other girls play on the beach.  In August we camped with my friend Matt and his beautiful daughter.  He caught this shot from a distance with one of his “mega” lenses.  You can check out more of his photography at MattHeltsleyPhotography.com. Our families mesh well and we had an amazing weekend.

Both Shad and I enjoy Matt’s company because he is an inspiring person… politically, creatively, and as a parent.  I truly believe that the best way to teach your child to be inquisitive and curious is for you to be too.  One way to do this is constantly surround yourself with inspiring people.  I am off to the city this weekend to meet up with a group of unbelievable women.  I cannot wait to share the details with you next week, but for now it is hush, hush.

As I look at the warmth of this photo and smiled at the memory I was able to finally accept that summer is over.  Part of me has been holding on to it despite the cool weather and beautiful autumn scenery. I would like you to take a moment to reflect on your own summer adventuresWhich moment was your favorite?  Did it occur during a planned vacation?  Or perhaps a random Tuesday afternoon?

I would be honored if you would take the time to share your favorite moment with me either as a comment below, or with a  Facebook photo tag, or a quick Tweet.

Thanks for being part of the conversation.

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