Toilet Paper the House with Pumpkins?

How many times have you fallen into this trap as a parent?

“So much can be accomplished without words, and yet so often I fall into the habit of talking too much, of thinking that if I just said it again, (perhaps more loudly!) I would be more effective.”  {Source: The Great Lessons}

Yeah, me too.  Whether it is during a trying parenting situation or when you are overseeing a creative project with your children, less is more.  Learn why seasoned Montessori teachers often give silent lessons.  Words can get in the way.  Would you like a creative, fun and simple project to do with your kids this autumn?  Check out this no-sew pumpkin tutorial.  All you need is  toilet paper, construction paper and a square swatch of material.

How adorable is that little polka-dot-pumpkin?  Try to show your child, without words, how to put the pumpkin together.  Consider having a few different material swatches for them to experiment with, perhaps green and brown paper options for the stem too.  Can you imagine the variations they could create?  I thought this Portobellopixie fabric posted at would be adorable.  Oh the possibilities!

If you do the project I’d love to see your child’s variation.  If you post it on Facebook, be sure to tag Let’sLassotheMoon so we can check out their creation.

Happy crafting,

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