Tree Detectives

Have you met Bill Nye the Science Guy yet?  He is a regular visitor at our house.  You can check out his videos from your local library, but we also sometimes just watch episodes online.

This month we will be studying trees and we kicked off the adventure with a video trip to The Forest.  Read a summary of the episode here!

Watch the show and then plan a mini adventure of your own.  You will need the following tools to set off to be tree detectives:

  • A bag to collect treasures:  We found rocks, leaves, bark and many items that fall under the strange category of “whatnot.”
  • Snacks:  Every great explorer needs to take a snack & drink break.
  • Time:  Only attempt to pull off this adventure if you have time to let your child lead the hike.
  • The Tree Book For Kids and Their Grown-Ups (optional): A wonderful tree book with great watercolor illustrations and nice info.  Read the Let’s Lasso the Moon book review here. Or read more about the book on Amazon [affiliate link].

We are lucky to live in an area with beautiful scenery within a short drive.  If you live in a more urban area don’t be discouraged.  You can take a trek to your backyard or a local playground.

Any place that has trees will do.  It is all just how you frame the adventure to your little one!

On our trip the girls were beyond thrilled when we found a decomposing tree.  Bill Nye discusses this in great detail within The Forest episode.  We touched the wood to feel how soft it was, we broke pieces off, we smelled the wood, we climbed, we kicked, we poked & we prodded… we investigated.


If you go on your own tree investigation adventure drop me a line below.  If you take photos tag Let’s Lasso the Moon on Facebook so I can see all of your treasures.

Happy hiking—


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Tree Detectives *What a simple way to make an everyday walk FUN

Image Credit: © Tim Sackton, 04.08.10 | CC by 2.0

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