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The Next 7 Books On My Must-Read List #booklist #fiction

10 Must-Read Fiction Books

Enjoy this list of 10 Must-Read Fiction Books from my favorite book junkie Jen! Every night my husband and I read with our two daughters. Every. Single. Night. We focus ... read more

The Family Kitchen

Love Latkes! Saving this potato pancake recipe for later. YUM.

Perfect Potato Pancakes: A Must-Try Family Latkes Recipe

There's nothing quite like golden brown potato pancakes hot off the griddle. Get our family's kid-approved latkes recipe below. Follow the tips and instructions for perfect potato pancakes. So crispy, so good. It's been rumored that my Grandma Gertrude made the best potato pancakes ever. Making ... read more

Super Secret Puppy Chow Recipe *My kids love this...

3 Big Life Lessons + Super Secret Puppy Chow Recipe

"Mom, you won't believe what Mia did today," she says with a hurt tone. I look in the rearview mirror as we pull away from school,"Why? What happened?" "At snack time she asked Rose and I if we wanted some puppy chow and then when we reached for it, she said, 'I asked if you wanted some puppy ... read more

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